The Pros and Cons of Homeschooling

The pandemic has forced parents and guardians to become more involved in overseeing the education of their children. For those that already opted for homeschooling services, not much has changed. This greater participation is however making some parents wonder if homeschooling should be something they take on more permanently. So if you are on the fence about switching to this option, here are some of the pros and cons you should weigh in making a final decision. 

Pros of Homeschooling


There is much more freedom in setting the rules and guidelines for your child’s learning with homeschooling. Depending on your schedule, you do not need to adhere to fixed school hours. You can opt to have your child study indoors in the morning and take up other activities in the afternoon. This may be particularly helpful if the parent is also working from home and requires some flexibility in organising when they can supervise their child. 

If there are subjects you feel are not adequately covered in regular school, you can opt to incorporate them into your curriculum. For instance, many homeschooling parents like to boost training in practical skills like sewing, cooking, car maintenance and more. These life skills can better equip a child as they become adults and if they opt for trade school. 

Stronger Bonding

Homeschooling allows parents and their kids to spend much more time together. This helps to build stronger family bonds. The freedom to take education out of the classroom can also help make for more enjoyable memories. For those that home-school more than one child, the strong interaction with siblings can also strengthen their association. 

Less Disease Transmission

Since the children and the parents will effectively spend most of their time on their own and at home, there is less risk of being infected with transmissible illnesses. There is less exposure to outsiders so illnesses that frequently circulate like chickenpox, flu and Covid-19 are less of a worry. 

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Cons of Homeschooling

Increased Workload

Homeschooling means the parent effectively becomes a teacher. If you are working from home, this can greatly increase your workload. Even for those that are stay-at-home parents, it can be very difficult to split time between overseeing schooling and attending to household chores at the same time. You can easily become fatigued and burnout, affecting your ability to effectively homeschool your child. You will also have to master different subjects you likely forgot about long ago and set aside enough time to teach and grade. 

Restricted Socialisation

Being able to interact and form bonds with other peers and adults is an important part of life. Homeschoolers tend to remain at home much of the time and do not interact as much with others, not in the household. Parents will have to go the extra mile to create opportunities for their children to interact with others and form these bonds. 

Limited Exposure

Unlike regular schools that are equipped with laboratories, libraries and playing fields, homeschoolers have much more limited resources to work with. The range of subjects their parents or guardians can instruct them on will also likely be limited. In many countries and states, homeschoolers do not also qualify to participate in certain athletic or academic tournaments. They will also often miss out on certain milestones like graduation ceremonies and school dances. 

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